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5 out of 5 stars
Vye - Excellent read, it left a smile on my face. Who knew that Buddha had Elvis sideburns! Thought provoking. I read the book straight through and enjoyed every minute of it.

5 out of 5 stars
Elizabeth - A great little book of fun hybrid haiku and rhythm blues traveling impressions of Buddha, Asia and street life...must have!

William Marley ~ Playwright & Novelist

Albert Difilippantonio Jr, has taken a classic Asian poetic form (Japanese Haiku) and staked his claim, imbuing it with rockabilly humor, sexual energy, and wisdom.

You cannot read just one!

David Poyer ~Author

Some of his Novels include:
Has appeared on Writer to Writer (NPR-PBS) and Voice of America

"Buddha has sideburns
wider than Elvis, black paint
on huge wooden head

- this is your brain on Albert Difilippantonio's ROCKABILLY HAIKU.
Leave reason behind, and walk the Tao of Billy.

Stephen J. Vitelli ~ Extraordinary musician and writer

Rock is straight-ahead 4/4 time that you can dance to; it is very symmetrical. Haiku is three odd lines with no rhythm at all, in fact, an anti-rhythm. The two combined is like a Zen Koan - it produces Satori if you let it - as when rock and roll, boisterous and insistent, intrudes itself into a calm peaceful temple. The harried Haiku hides, the meditators cringe, the temple priest yields, his cerebral serenity diametrically opposed to sudden lower chakra gyrations.

ROCKABILLY HAIKU puts the two together, creating Kwai Chang Caine, Grasshopper, having sex with Betty Lou in the back of a Chevy, snow building up against the car doors.


Badasslifestyle ~ A Swedish Publication - Print & Web

I received an email from Albert Difilippantonio Jr.. There he was advertising for his book, "Rockabilly Haiku & Swingin 'Tails' The thing with the book is that it is a collection of Japanese poems called Haiku with substance Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll. This is something I never thought I would see, and certainly do not read!

After a while, fell off the book in the mailbox, I quickly fumbled with my fingers to open the package containing the book. I was immediately hooked, my fingers stopped to browse, eyes focused on each poem, picture, I sat down in the book. After half an hour, I had read the poems that are 50 pages including front and back, with varying number of poems on each page and photos.

The question that arose in my mind was what has a thousand year old poem style to do with a 50-60 year old music and lifestyle? I answered this question with a haiku from the book:

"Buddha has Sideburns
Wider Than Elvis, black paint
on huge wooden head"

This is one of the most coolest poems I've read, there are few collections that I have read but few have been grazed by the years. Albert delving into religion, Asian myths with rockabilly, pinup's, rock'n'roll and sex with a touch of humor in his haiku's in a way that makes you liking and you start thinking about how this idea came to him.

Rockabilly Haiku & Swingin 'Tails is not just a book for seasoned poetry lovers, this collection fits all, all that is required is literacy and a dose of humor. It is also the only of its kind, a peculiar feature of this culture that I think should be read and be amazed at the whole concept.

I conclude this review with another quote from the book:

"Shined chrome missile tits
Jut out from soft, tight sweaters
Protective bumpers

Textbook Description:

In his first published book, Albert Difilippantonio Jr, has taken a classic Asian poetic form (Japanese Haiku) and staked his claim, imbuing it with rockabilly humor, sexual energy, and wisdom. Having an eclectic musical palette, as well as being known as a creative thinker that constantly juxtaposes the most unlikely imagery - as a jokester, writer, and musician - he created the most unusual book about rockabilly ever written. It is broad in its audience; artists, intellectuals, worldly folk, Asian Rockabilly enthusiasts, Haiku lovers, Buddhists and Taoists who have a sense of humor, and lastly Western Rockabilly fans. To sum up, this book is unique; has unknown historical facts, hot sexual vignettes, evokes musical and personal memories, and makes for an enjoyable, unusual gift, that will be one of a kind for the recipient.

Written by authorities in Poetry, Rockabilly Haiku & Swingin' Tails by Albert Difilippantonio Jr. provides an excellent foundation for Poetry studies. Albert Difilippantonio Jr.'s style is excellently suited towards Poetry studies, and will teach students the material clearly without overcomplicating the subject. What's more, the text is available in the Perfect Paperback format shown above (ISBN 9781616589790), as well as a number of other formats. As of March 2010, this revision raises the bar for Rockabilly Haiku & Swingin' Tails's high standard of excellence, making sure that it stays one of the foremost Poetry studies textbooks.


A cursory examination exudes a fascination with Buddhist spirituality and rockabilly music wrapped in a literary mode of presentation. Upon further inspection the ironic paradox of passions reveals an inner struggle, obviously very personal, which could perhaps be universal; the balance between the temporary bliss, torture of desire and the equilibrium of discipline, between "the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom" and the peace of the middle path.


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